Insolvency law

Insolvency law

Capital investments often end up in the crisis of the companies and responsible persons involved. We represent our clients’ interests also in the field of insolvency law, mainly in the following areas:

Including the claim in the insolvency table and judicial enforcement in the case of dispute;

Defence against legal challenge by the insolvency administrator;

Filing the petition for insolvency proceedings;

Membership in the committee of creditors, e.g. lawyer P. Mattil, Esq. in the committee of creditors re. Intraplan Gesellschaft für Infrastrukturplanung, Gewerbe- und Wohnbau mbH Co. Betriebs-KG, lawyer S. Kunzfeld, Esq. in the committee of creditors re. Dr. Wehner (BFI Bank); 

Enforcement of right to separate satisfaction, in particular following prejudgement seizures;

Enforcement of claims from stock creditors as joint representative pursuant to the Stock Act, e.g. lawyer P. Mattil, Esq. and lawyer S. Borowski, Esq. re. Future Business KG, among others.


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